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May 30, 2022 View:

List of 41 Chinese-owned wineries in Australia circulates online

A blacklist of 41 vineyards showing Chinese-owned wineries operating in Australia has been circulating on Australian social media, according to Australian media reports.

Image courtesy of; Adelaide Today

Many Australian netizens called for a boycott of these wineries, while others said that the owners of some wineries are Australian-Chinese and should not be implicated.

It is reported that this list shows that the vast majority of Chinese-owned wineries are concentrated in Victoria and South Australia, but does not reveal key details, such as how many shares each winery Chinese companies have.

It is unclear how accurate this list is.

And many netizens have expressed surprise at the large number of Chinese-owned wineries.

One netizen commented: No wonder some people say the government is selling the country to China.

Another user said: Australian winemakers have been teaching the Chinese how to make wine for years, and what is this for? To screw us over?

However, some netizens pointed out that some wineries are owned by Chinese Australians and these people should not be implicated.

It is still Australian employees who run these Chinese-owned wineries, and it is also Australians who get paid.

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