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May 30, 2022 View:

Lisgophia and Castelnau Champagnes announce merger

Champagne's two main partners, Ligofia Champagne and Castelnau Champagne, have announced that they will merge in a so-called loyal and voluntary partnership that optimizes the expertise and status that the two entities have acquired over the years.

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The Boards of Directors of both Lisgophia and Castelnau Champagne have agreed to take action to strengthen the cooperative movement in the Champagne region.

The move still needs to be voted on at the annual general meetings of both companies next June.

As the process is finalized, the name of the newly merged company will also be created.

Ligefière and Castelnau Champagnes represent more than 6,000 winegrowers in the French region. Prior to the announcement of this merger, Ligefière Champagne was already the largest producer in the region.

Fabrice Collin, President of Castelnau Champagne, said: "Our grower families will be proud to support this new collaboration. Our vision and determination for the future will defend the social and associative values of our local wine grower community.

Vronique Blin, President of Veuve Clicquot, said: "This merger represents the place where our common destiny will take shape, where together we will find the impetus to breathe new life into the Champagne vineyards and from which we will grow stronger and more united.