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May 30, 2022 View:

Lisa Perrotti-Brown releases 2019 en primeur report (Part 1)

After a series of short reviews, Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW's 2019 en primeur report (Part 1) was released last week at The Wine Advocate.

Image courtesy of: Liv-ex

According to Perrotti-Brown, if three buzzwords are used to sum up the 2019 Bordeaux vintage, they are ease, energy and wonder.

To some extent, she notes, 2019 was relatively easy because growers didn"t have to experience natural disasters such as those in 2017 (spring frost) and 2018 (mold). However, she believes that no matter how easy winemakers describe the vintage, only those growers who know when to act and when not to intervene can excel with their wines.

In his tasting of Haut Bailly 2019, Perrotti-Brown mentioned energy. Veronique Saunders, technical director, said: "The wine is full of energy; in fact this vintage really needs a lot of energy from us.

Perrotti-Brown did not want to use the word miracle, which she had heard many times. However, she points out that the September rains are indeed necessary for Cabernet Sauvignon [], which is the perfect miracle.

Overall, Perroti-Brown commented that 2019 was an outstanding vintage. I was surprised by the consistency of the quality, especially for such a warm and extremely dry vintage," she said.

In any case, Perrotti-Brown notes that 2019 is certainly not a vintage in which high levels of quality and prestigious wineries will maintain high scores; the winner will be the adjustment to the weather during the growing season. Those growers who put more effort into their vineyards, especially in the search for perfection during the harvest, will be able to distinguish their wines. Arrogance and complacency are the enemies of success.