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May 30, 2022 View:

La Rioja government donates €2.8 million to Rioja Private Storage Assistance Program

Recently, the Minister of Agriculture of Rioja, Eva Hita, told the La Rioja Parliament that the final results of the Rioja Private Storage Aid for 2020 are very satisfactory. She has ensured that Rioja will receive 5.14 million euros for the private storage assistance program (storage grants for wines of protected origin).

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

Currently, 61 wineries have applied and these storage aids are already in place at all wineries.

In addition, the government of La Rioja has contributed 2.8 million euros to the aid program, and Eva Hita says that everything is due to the excellent team of workers, through whose concerted efforts it has been possible to increase by 26% the aid for the storage of wines of protected origin in the appellation, and the basic storage facilities in the Rioja system can extend the storage period of red wines to 270 or 360 days. Private storage is the most advantageous measure for the Rioja premium-grade appellation.