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May 30, 2022 View:

La Place de Bordeaux releases most sought-after wines for 2020

Every September, La Place de Bordeaux (the historical system used to release Bordeaux wines worldwide) releases some of the most sought-after wines from other wine regions of the world.

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This year"s releases include the 2017 vintage of Masseto Masseto and Solaia Solaia (Italy), Opus One Opus One 2017 (California), the 2018 vintage of Xenia Sea and Living Soul Almaviva (Chile), Beaucastel Beaucastel Hommage J Perrin 2018 (Rhône), among others.

Super Tuscany: Masseto Masseto and Solaia Solaia

Monica Larner (The Wine Advocate) gave the Masseto 2017 97 points, rating it an exciting and surprising performance for the third year in a row. At 15.5% alcohol, this wine produced smaller and denser berries during a hot, dry growing season, significantly increasing the wine's richness and concentration of fruit. James Suckling gave this wine 98 points, rating it as full-bodied, with smooth tannins, [] bright and concentrated, powerful and delicate, and a finish that lasts for several minutes.

Tasting the Marceldo 2017 in barrel, Antonio Galloni (Vinous) gave the wine 96-99 points, commenting that it was rich and gorgeous, full of power and structure. For a challenging 2017 vintage, this wine is absolutely exceptional.

For the Soraya 2017, Galloni gave the wine 95+ points in 2019, noting that even at this early stage, it already embodies the typical richness and flamboyance of the vintage, with a persistent nose. Suckling gave the wine 95-96 points, commenting on its tightness, freshness, full body and soft tannins. Monica Larner also agreed with Galloni and Suckling, giving the wine 95 points for its distinctive aromas of wild roses and lilacs; a pleasant surprise in addition to the vintage's typical rich black fruits.

In the market, Soraya outperformed Marceldo by a wide margin, with the former increasing its price by 24.9% and the latter by only 1.1%.

Image courtesy of: Liv-ex

Opus One Opus One 2017

With Napa Valley Napa Valley trading at record highs in 2020, the upcoming release of Opus One 2017 is already eagerly awaited. Wine Advocate"s Lisa Perrotti-Brown gave the wine 95 points, rating it as long and elegant on the finish. Perrotti-Brown noted that fortunately, 91% of the fruit of Opus One had been picked before the 2017 fires began, with only two final lots lost. The 2017 vintage was a blend of 81% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8.5% Petit Verdot, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4.5% Merlot and 1% Malbec. James Suckling also gave the wine 95 points, saying it was bright, fresh and very tasty.

Chilean legends: Xenia Sea and Living Soul Almaviva 2020 To date, Xenia and Living Soul have accounted for 79% of the total value of Chilean transactions on the secondary market. They are expected to release the 2018 vintage in the coming weeks.

Xenia 2018 has achieved a perfect score of 100 points from James Suckling, who commented: this is a very well thought out Xenia with distinctive aromas of warm earth, mushrooms and conifers, to dark fruit and black olive flavors. It is a very good wine, comparable to its 2015 vintage.

The current market price for Xenia 2015 is £900 per case. It is the most traded vintage in the market (31.6%); followed by the 2013 (18.5%) and 2009 (14.2%) vintages.

In the 2019 Liv-ex 100 Most Powerful (a list of the strongest brands in the premium wine market each year), Xenia failed to make the list but performed well. It is ranked 235th in terms of trading activity and price performance, thanks to the high appreciation of the last five vintages by wine critics.

The Living Soul 2018 will also be released this year. The wine is the result of a partnership between Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Mouton Mouton and Concha y Toro; the latter aims to create a Grand Cru class in Chile. 1996 was its first vintage. 2017 was released last year at £1,248 (per case); current market The price is £1,160.