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May 30, 2022 View:

Kailuan Spring Blueberry Red Wine (Black Label) won the Silver Medal of the Spring 2021 French International Wine Grand Prix

Recently, located in Paris, France, CFA MEDERIC 2021 Spring France International Wine Grand Prix site, the big names gathered can not hide the fragrance of blueberries, after three years, Kai Yuan Chun blueberry red wine again to the European market, a big splash. After winning the gold medal in the Grand Prix, the CFA MEDERIC 2021 Spring French International Wine Grand Prix was awarded the silver medal in the black label!

Image from: Southern Enterprise News Network

The Spring 2021 Grand Prix International de la Vigne de France is the only French Grand Prix with a national title and open to wineries and wine merchants from all over the world. It is the only international Grand Prix in France with a national title and open to wineries and winemakers worldwide. The whole process is supervised by the DGCCRF and strictly adheres to the OIV"s percentage system.

In the world's leading international tasting experts; with 20-40 years of tasting experience; the most experienced, neutral and well-known international sense of the real professional group Expert Agreed (no more than 30 experts of this level in the world, King Louis XIII of France was one of the expert members of this expert body) and the world's most well-known international judges Under the strict examination, Kailian Spring blueberry red wine is carefully selected from 100% of the raw blueberry fermentation from the high-quality selected Majiang River, the quality is naturally outstanding: pure and rich aroma, rich and full-bodied taste, blueberry special flavor different from traditional grapes, soft in the glass of the delicate aroma, conquered the participants of the European top tasting masters and experts.

Despite the epidemic on the global wine market in 2020 has a great impact, but the Kailuan spring blueberry red wine in the year the economic indicators still achieved more than expected growth in the market business strategy decisions, based on the Pearl River Delta economic zone, relying on the Pearl River Delta geopolitical advantages, in the economy, foreign trade, scientific and technological innovation, consumer levels and other aspects of advantageous position, the company's marketing headquarters (center) is located in Shenzhen, and successively in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shantung, Dongguan, Huizhou and other places to set up offices to expand business, take advantage of the good trade window effect, releasing a strong signal to enter the international market. As early as 2018, Kailuan Chun blueberry red wine for the first time into the international exhibition, it won the best exhibited goods in that year's China Poland brand exhibition, in Paris International Food and Beverage Exhibition also fully demonstrated the unique charm of blueberry red wine, and China's blueberry wine home of the big brands go hand in hand, creating a compelling Chinese influence in the Paris scene.

KAI Yuanchun blueberry red wine aspires to be the builder of high-quality wine life, to meet the growing material needs of domestic people, in the context of consumer upgrading, expanding domestic demand also has a highly recognized broad market prospects. As Kailuan Chun blueberry wine step by step out of the country, actively on the international stage, to carry out a variety of forms of publicity to give full play to the advantages of Chinese blueberry wine, to promote the brand blueberry wine culture, Kailuan Chun blueberry wine has gradually increased the volume of Chinese wine in the international arena, and continue to achieve excellent results in various international exhibitions and competitions, and strive to promote the Chinese wine brand to the international market, revitalize the national economy, create a national brand.