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May 30, 2022 View:

Japanese domestic wine competition annual awards freshly announced

The Japan Winery Award 2018, the first annual award for domestic wine judging in Japan, fell on the 13th, according to the Japan Agricultural News. The award was selected by wine experts to honor wineries that use Japanese domestic grapes to make wine. Among all the awards, the highest award is 5 stars and 10 wineries were selected.

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In order to promote the charm of Japan"s domestic quality wines, the Japanese wine market, where the demand for overseas-made wines is soaring, is encouraging domestic wineries to capture the market by setting up awards.

The awards are sponsored by the Japanese Wine Estates Annual Awards Rating Committee. According to the report, there are similar wine tastings in Japan, while there are few wine ratings specifically for wine.

With the signing of the Japan-Europe Economic Cooperation Agreement, it was only a matter of time before wines from overseas flooded into the Japanese market, and this award was created specifically to encourage and promote Japanese wines.

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During the first judging process, 201 winery companies that have been established for more than 5 years were targeted, and the quality of the wines, winemaking techniques, and the state of the vineyards were examined through items such as the quality of the wines. The rating is divided into 4 levels and the selection is made once a year. It is known that in addition to the 10 wineries awarded with 5 stars this time, another 13 wineries were awarded with 4 stars, 47 with 3 stars and 25 Connoisseurs wineries with only 3 stars.

On the same day, at the recognition ceremony held in Tokyo, Haruo Omura of Maruto Wines from Yamanashi Prefecture, the representative who won 5 stars, said that he would make wines worthy of the 5-star rating in the future.

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The wineries that received 5 stars include Domaine Takahiko (Hokkaido), Sakai Wine Estate (Yamagata Prefecture), Takeda Wine Estate (Yamagata Prefecture), Suntory Denmeigaoka Wine Estate (Yamanashi Prefecture), Melka Winery (Yamanashi Prefecture), Diamond Sake (Yamanashi Prefecture), Chuo Wine (Yamanashi Prefecture), Maruto Wine (Yamanashi Prefecture), Kobushi Wine Estate (Nagano Prefecture), and Kido Wine Estate (Nagano Prefecture). Bushi Wine Estate (Nagano Prefecture), Kido Wine Estate (Nagano Prefecture)