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May 30, 2022 View:

Italy's Bicini winery to grow online sales 300% by 2020

Italian wine producer Bicini Winery saw its turnover increase by 6.5% this year, partly due to a 300% increase in its online commerce sales, which were affected by the New Crown pneumonia outbreak.

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The new year began with the inauguration of the new €13 million headquarters of Château Bichinni in Casole d"Elsa, as well as the reorganization of production processes to improve efficiency and sustainability.

The impact of the Newcastle pneumonia outbreak on Italy was a setback, but also a turning point where the company was able to capitalize on its strengths.

Mario Piccini, CEO of Piccini Winery, said:The cancellation of events and trips has allowed us to invest more time in the company. We have initiated a process of social, environmental and economic sustainability certification, while increasing the availability of organic wines.

It's a growing focus on the needs of the end consumer, and we want to show our intimacy even in the toughest times of sealing the city, by investing in agencies with enhanced TV advertising and e-commerce channels.

The e-commerce channel, in particular, proved to be very successful during the various closures, growing threefold and keeping the winery financially sound during the New Crown pneumonia outbreak.

Piccini said:It's been a dramatic year from a social perspective and very complex for business.