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May 30, 2022 View:

Italian winery Bicini launches three wines

Piccini Winery in Italy's Tuscany region has launched three new wines as part of the Gold Collection, a collaboration between the winery's 4th generation owners, Mario Piccini and Riccardo Cotarella.

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These three wines, an Oviato classic white, a rosé and a Tuscan regional table wine, are now part of the winery"s Gold Collection, launched in 2003.

The three wines were unveiled in January this year on the occasion of the opening of a new winery in Caso Led Elsa, Tuscany.

The winery describes Oviato Classic White as a modern and avant-garde white wine, while its rosé is made in a fresh and elegant style typical of Tuscan horses. The Tuscan regional table wine is a blend of Sangiovese and Bordeaux grape varieties.

In a statement, the winery said it hopes the Gold Collection will build a reputation for quality wines in Italy and demonstrate its ability to respond to consumer and market demand.