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May 30, 2022 View:

Italian wine stocks increase by 1.8% in 2020

Recently the Italian Central Department of Quality Protection and Anti-Agri-Food Fraud (ICQRF) released a new data on the inventory of Italian wineries.

Image from: Italian Wine Network

As of July 29, 2020, there are currently 4.2 billion liters of wine inventory, 360 million liters of grape juice and 3,527,100 liters of new wine still in fermentation in Italian wineries. Compared to inventory data as of July 31, 2019, wine inventories increased by 1.8%, grape juice inventories decreased by 4.4% and wine in fermentation inventories decreased by 68%.

Data shows that more than 57% of wine stocks come from Italy"s northern regions. The Veneto region alone is home to nearly a quarter of Italy's national wine inventory, amounting to approximately 1.01 billion liters. The provinces of Verona (9.6%) and Treviso (9.1%) have more wine stocks (790 million liters) than the Puglia and Sicily regions combined (640 million liters).

Of the wines in stock, 52.6% were Appellation d'Origine and Assured Appellation (collectively known as DOP) level wines, the majority of which were reds (56.8%). 25.7% of the stock was Appellation d'Origine Protected (IGP) level wines, also mostly reds (57.6%).

The Tuscany region accounts for 14.7% (480 million liters), the Piedmont region for 8.9% (290 million liters) and the Puglia region for 7.9% (260 million liters) of the inventory of wines in the DOP and IGP classes. Among the other classes of wine stocks, the largest share is in the Emilia Romagna (24.4%) region, with about 220 million liters. This is followed by the Veneto (16.1%, 140 million liters) region and the Puglia (15.3%, 140 million liters) region.