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May 30, 2022 View:

Italian wine federation presents wine agenda

A new government led by Mario Draghi has just taken office in Italy. In a greeting to the new government and the new Minister for Agricultural Policy, the Unione Italiana Vini mentioned the wine agenda in its outlook for the future.

Image courtesy of: Italian Wine Channel

Ernesto Abbona, President, summarizes the following: a series of structural and specific decisions to plan the field for the next generation.

In addition to the management of emergencies, such as the curfew on the opening hours of wine stores, or the payment of the equivalent of 50 million euros for food and beverage standby from 2020, it is equally urgent to complete the sustainability decree. It is important to work on the foundations, such as the re-establishment of the image of wine abroad through export agreements, and the Italian trade fair system - Vinitaly for starters.