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May 30, 2022 View:

Italian government approves green harvesting decree

Recently, the Italian central government and local consultation meeting (Conferenza Stato-Regioni) officially approved the decree of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture for 2020-2021 related to green harvesting.

Image from: Italian Wine Network

Green harvesting is part of the Italian economic reboot bill that will provide subsidies to winery companies in Guaranteed Appellation and Appellation d"Origine (DOP) and Protected Designation of Origin (IGP) regions that voluntarily reduce production, with a total funding amount of 100 million euros. Giuseppe LAbbate, Italy's deputy minister of agriculture, said the green harvest subsidy proposal would give assistance to premium wine producers who have complied with the declaration requirements over the past five years and are voluntarily undertaking green harvest projects this year.

The subsidies are as follows: up to 400 euros per hectare for vineyards in the Protected Appellation of Origin (IGP) category. The subsidy for Guaranteed Appellation of Origin (GAA) and DOP level vineyards is based on production: up to 600 euros per hectare for yields greater than 13 tons, 700-800 euros per hectare for yields between 10 and 13 tons, and up to 900 euros per hectare for yields less than 10 tons.

To apply for a green harvest grant, a winery must meet the following conditions: 1. It must guarantee that its yield this year will be reduced by no less than 15% of the average yield of the same type of wine in the appellation over the past five years. 2. It must guarantee that its yield this year will not be higher than the average yield of the appellation in which it is located.