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May 30, 2022 View:

Itainnova Technical Institute in Aragon develops Bodega 5.0 wine industry project

The Itainnova Institute of Technology in Aragon is developing Bodega 5.0, an innovative technology designed to provide differentiated solutions for the wine industry from harvest to winemaking to final distribution, an innovative technology that will effectively improve the global operational processes of a winery or cooperative.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

Bodega 5.0 was initiated by Bodega San Valero (BSV), a winery located in the D.O. Cariena appellation. BSV is one of the few wineries that can control the entire wine cycle from production to distribution, according to the Aragonese government, and Comextic is their technology partner, providing new technological solutions and technical services to integrate data sources for the project.

Although the wine industry is an industry that places a high value on innovative projects, most producers and wineries focus on improving the quality of their products, leaving other, also very important, aspects aside. Bodega 5.0 was developed with a focus on IT technology that organizes and coordinates advanced sales and operations (SOP) processes in the winery"s harvesting, winemaking and marketing processes, with the aim of providing The aim is to create a viable plan for the winery to find a balance between market demand and supply, to improve the efficiency of communication between the relevant areas, and to help the winery company reach its global strategic objectives.