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May 30, 2022 View:

IBM Launches Wine Supply Chain Tracking System

According to foreign media reports, IBM has launched a blockchain technology platform to provide a wine supply chain tracking system that provides full traceability from the vineyard all the way to the mall.

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IBM said it has partnered with wine tracking company eprovence to release the VinAssure platform, the statement said. The platform, based on the IBM blockchain transparent supply chain, runs on the IBM Cloud and allows wine producers, importers, transporters, distributors, restaurants, retailers and others to track the bottle supply chain through licensed, permanent and shared data records.

Vinsure"s members include North Carolina wine importer De Maison Selections, and IBM says the export divisions of Bordeaux winemaker Maison Sichel and St. Michel wine estates intend to use a blockchain-based supply chain system soon, potentially meaning millions of bottles of wine moving through the global supply chain.

We believe that the future of the wine industry lies in verifiable provenance, transparency and traceability," says André Tamers, owner of De Maison Selections.

The IBM system will also reportedly allow wine enthusiasts to use the identification codes on the bottles to learn about provenance and flavor profiles, and they will also have access to information about the wines, which is verified and stored on the blockchain.