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May 30, 2022 View:

Hungary's Royal Tokaj launches 2016 vintage of Aso noble rot dessert wine

Royal Tokaji Hungary has announced that it will release the 2016 vintage of Aso noble rot dessert wine this fall, the eighth release of this noble sweet wine from the winery since 2000.

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The quality of the 2016 vintage was apparently so high that the winery was able to produce a full range of single-vineyard wines; the Mezes Maly, Betsek, Nyulaszo and Szt Tamas 2008 vintages were the last time this was the case along with the blue-labeled Tokaj Aso noble rotted sweet wine and the gold-labeled Tokaj Aso noble rotted sweet wine.

The quality of this Aso noble rot dessert wine may be high, but the production is usually less abundant, with only one barrel of Aso noble rot dessert wine obtained from the Szt Tamas vineyard.

The 2016 growing season began with a particularly cold period in January, when temperatures fell below 10 degrees Celsius.

A long and mild spring was followed by an unusually long flowering period. The dry summer weather proved to be the perfect conditions for the development of the genus Vitis, and the rains brought in September allowed the second and even the third generation of the genus Assougui to develop and maintain its acidity.

The grape harvest began at the end of September and ended in October. The wines matured in barrels for two years, exceeding the minimum requirement of 18 months, with final blending and bottling taking place in the spring of 2019.

The Betsek, Mezes Malya and Nyulaszo wines will be sold in boxes of six bottles (500 ml) each, and limited edition boxes will be available with a limited edition of 500 ml each of single vineyard wines and Aso noble rot dessert wines with blue and gold labels.

These wines will be offered for sale by selected vintners and specialists.