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May 30, 2022 View:

Hundreds of bottles of famous Burgundy wine worth €350,000 stolen from a French hotel

According to the British newspaper "The Guardian" (The Guardian) reported that at 5 a.m. local time on Tuesday, a luxury hotel Domaine de Rymska, 30 kilometers from Burgundy Bern (Beaune) in eastern France, was burglarized.

Photo courtesy of: Le Wine Guest

It is reported that the criminal gang smashed the door of the hotel"s wine cellar and then stole hundreds of bottles of famous Burgundy wine worth a total of 350,000 euros (about RMB 2.786 million) from the hotel, which had several rare vintages among the stolen wines.

One of the bottles was sold for about 16,000 euros (about 127,000 yuan). According to the hotel's wine list, the 16,000 euro bottle is probably the exclusive vineyard of Chateau Romanee Conti.

During the theft, the group triggered a fire alarm device in the wine cellar and quickly drove away in the van.

The hotel owner was awakened and quickly jumped into his car to follow. And after following the robbers and calling the police, the police and the thieves went on a chase down a main road.

As the police approached the gang's van. The thieves suddenly grabbed the famous Burgundy wine that had been stolen from their hands and smashed it at the pursuing vehicles behind them. Fortunately, the wine aimed at the police car windshield did not hit the target and no one was injured.

But the famous Burgundy wines that were thrown were just smashed and scattered around the highway. The bottle of Romanee Conti worth 120,000 RMB is also currently missing, probably just smashed by the thieves' hands.

Eventually the gang's van hit a toll booth and abandoned the vehicle, and left all the stolen alcohol behind.

It is reported that this is not the first time the five-star hotel has been broken into and stolen. Just 24 hours before this theft, thieves broke into the same wine cellar and stole 200,000 euros (about 1.592 million yuan) worth of fine wine. The alarm did not ring at the time.

The French police now suspect that the two thefts were committed by the same gang and have launched an investigation.