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May 30, 2022 View:

Huangchengxiangfu Honey Wine wins 4 awards at FIWA Grand Prix

The year 2020 is coming to an end, and the Imperial City Hall Honey Wine has won four heavy international awards in one go, bringing the year to a successful conclusion.

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At the FIWA French International Wine, Organic Wine and Spirits Grand Prix (hereinafter referred to as FIWA) in autumn 2020, which ended in October, four Royal City Xiangfu Honey Wine products brewed from Shanxi Royal City Xiangfu Wine Co., Ltd. have won international awards. Among them, three products, 40 degrees Honey Wine XO, Imperial City Sangfu Honey Wine 46%vol Samsung and Baimengarden 750ml 12 degrees Honey Wine, won the Gold Award, and Baimengarden Queen 13.7%vol won the Silver Award, adding another extremely weighty proof of quality to the wall of honor of Imperial City Sangfu Honey Wine.

According to the introduction, the French International Wine, Organic Wine and Spirits International Grand Prix is approved and registered by the DGCCRF, the only official international Grand Prix in France with the French flag logo. During the Grand Prix, two supervisors of DGCCRF supervise the whole process, and a professional and impartial 100% blind tasting is conducted by a jury composed of the most experienced international tasting experts and no more than 30 experts of this level worldwide. With its full-bodied, elegant honey aroma and long aftertaste, Huangcheng Xiangfu Honey Wine competed with many famous spirits and wines in China and took the top spot in this competition!

In recent years, Huangchengxiangfu Honey Wine has won numerous domestic and international wine awards.

In 2019, Huangcheng Xiangfu Honey Wine was invited to participate in the 5th Shanghai Enzyme Expo and Shanghai Fruit Wine Industry Exhibition, and was highly recognized by the experts and relevant authorities and the market during the exhibition. Zhang Dawei of the Chinese Embassy in France gave full recognition and high evaluation after tasting Huangcheng Xiangfu Honey Wine at the exhibition, and highly recommended Huangcheng Xiangfu Honey Wine to the international market field.

On February 26, 2020, two products of Shanxi Imperial City Xiangfu Wine Co., Ltd, 12%vol Honey Brew and 53%vol Samsung, won the silver medal in the 2020 Spring International Wine and International Spirits Competition in Paris, France, respectively, and the international tasting master highly praised the taste and quality of Imperial City Xiangfu Honey Brew and awarded the medal.

Why does Huangcheng Xiangfu Honey Wine always create good results and become a prize reaper? This is closely related to the corporate culture of Shanxi Huangcheng Xiangfu Wine Co., Ltd. which abides by the spirit of craftsmanship and brews every bottle of wine with heart. Huangcheng Xiangfu honey wine inherited the honey wine 3000 years of health culture, always adhere to the ancient brewing method, strict product quality, plus the body of the wine contains nutrients, with nourishing eyesight, balance the body, promote digestion, beauty and beauty and several health effects, after drinking not dry mouth, not headache, so that consumers drink real health honey wine.

The Grand Prix of Royal City Xiangfu Honey Wine has won four international awards, which is the affirmation and recognition of Shanxi Royal City Xiangfu Wine Industry Co. In the future, Huangcheng Xiangfu Honey Wine will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve product quality, brew each bottle of wine with craftsmanship and sincerity, dedicate high-quality products to the majority of consumers, and create a feast of taste for the world to enjoy.