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May 30, 2022 View:

Hong Kong entertainer Brigitte Wan to launch her own brand of wine in June

Artist Brigitte Wen (Irene) is entering the business world and will launch her own brand of wine in June, she even flew to South Australia to do some wine business. Recently Irene took an hour and a half drive from Adelaide to visit her vineyard, Auswan, in the Barossa Valley and shoot a commercial for the wine. The temperature was 30 degrees Celsius at the time of the shoot, but luckily the heat was quite refreshing. Irene was very excited to see her vineyard and picked a grape to taste, exclaiming happily: "It's so sweet, it smells so good! She also picked many grapes to take back to Hong Kong as a souvenir for her friends.

Image from: Cantonese movie bar

Natural and organic planting

Irene has always enjoyed wine tasting and research, and will sip a glass or two when gathering with friends over dinner. Irene said: this place can not spray mosquitoes and insecticide water, can not have any pesticide, all natural and organic planting. Ask Irene is not afraid of mosquito bites? She said: not afraid, nature must have mosquitoes, the bite is not to endure a while, so fast not trace.

Fly to Australia to get wet

Irene was moved by her own vineyard, Chateau Bixa, and said: "I'm so happy that my dream has finally come true and that I can actually own my own vineyard.