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May 30, 2022 View:

Heineken announces global launch of Outlaw alcohol-free beer

Heineken recently announced that it has launched Desperados Virgin 0.0% globally, looking to offer consumers more choice in the non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverage categories.

The new Desperados product is understood to offer the flavor of 100% original beer but without the alcohol. Launched in France last year, the alcohol-free beer was launched in the Netherlands and Poland earlier this month and will be launched in Belgium in February before being rolled out to other markets around the world.

In December 2020, IWSR released data that globally, the low/non-alcohol market is expected to grow by 34% in volume compared to the same period in history. According to IWSR"s June 2020 study, global non-alcoholic products are expected to grow by nearly 50% over the next five years. There are currently some non-alcoholic products in the Chinese market, but there is not yet a strong leader, and there is a large gap of opportunity for non-alcoholic products in the Chinese market.