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May 30, 2022 View:

Head of Cognac's European operations announces resignation due to discontent with internal restructuring

Michelle Brampton, head of European operations at Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), has handed in her resignation and will leave in June after CEO Tim Ford launched an internal restructuring, according to an exclusive report in the Australian Financial Review.

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As a senior executive of the Cognac Group, Michelle Brampton serves as Managing Director of the group"s EMEA operations.

According to an internal restructuring plan released to the public, Tim Ford is making Penfolds a separate division with a new operating model, while the Fognac Group will eliminate most of its divisions by region as of July 1.

The Cognac Group is currently dividing its business on a brand basis with three new internal divisions, Penfolds, Treasury Premium brands and Treasury Americas.

As a sign of his retention of the China business, Tom King, the current Managing Director of Fognac Wines Group Asia, will remain based in Shanghai, where he will be responsible for the independent business of the Penfolds brand.

Michelle Brampton is said to have spent 19 years at Fognac (or its predecessor) and held a variety of roles before being promoted to head the European division, including serving as chief financial officer for the group's European and Southeast Asian operations.

A spokeswoman for Cognac confirmed Michelle Brampton's resignation on February 19, local time.