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May 30, 2022 View:

Hailstorms hit vineyards in northern Italy

Recently, extreme weather again hit the Veneto (Veneto), Piemonte (Piemonte) and other northern Italian regions.

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The towns of Garda and Lazise in the Veneto region experienced violent hailstorms that caused serious damage to vineyards in Bardolino, Chiaretto and other areas.

According to an analysis of the European Severe Weather Database (ESWD) data by the Italian Farmers" Association (Coldiretti), more than three hailstorms were recorded in Italy every day for a month and a half after the start of summer, with a total of 484 extreme weather events hitting the country. In addition to hail, these extreme weather events included storms and tornadoes. Olive groves, orchards, vineyards and other outdoor crop gardens were affected by the extreme weather.