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May 30, 2022 View:

Greek bars and clubs close due to epidemic, demand for alcohol soars

With Greek bars and clubs closed due to the epidemic lockdown, citizens stuck at home are turning their attention to alcoholic beverages in stores. At liquor stores in the southern suburbs of Athens, owners looked at their daily turnover and expressed great satisfaction.

Photo courtesy of: The Sino-Greek Times

Our inventory is nowhere near enough to keep up with everyone"s buying power. Every day suppliers are coming in to make deliveries and it's the only way we can cope with the huge demand that exists. The growth in demand for alcoholic beverages can no longer be measured in terms of 60 or 70 percent; we are facing a 200 percent surge in demand, said the owner of a liquor store in the Alimos district.

We've never seen such strong demand. We are calling wholesalers every day and begging them to stock us," said the owner of another liquor store in the Grifada district. Because the store sold out of liquor in the blink of an eye.

The owner of a famous liquor store in Vola said: The daily situation now is unprecedented for us. From morning to night we have people of all ages lined up in front of our store. They buy wine, whiskey, gin and vodka in bulk, and it's like they're having a party. In fact, they probably did quietly have a party, because the amount they bought really wouldn't be for everyday tippling.

We are getting a lot of online orders from households," said the owner of a liquor store in the Iliopoli district as he watched his warehouse being emptied at an unimaginable rate. The number of these orders is unbelievable. That means somewhere is having a party and they're running low on booze. People are turning to alcohol as the best antidote to escape the painful status quo. The New Coronavirus will go away sometime in the future, but people's difficulties will not.