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May 30, 2022 View:

Graziana Grassini serves as consultant winemaker for Prosecco sparkling wine producer Giusti

Prosecco sparkling wine producer Giusti has appointed Italian oenologist Graziana Grassini as consultant oenologist, her first in the Trevi appellation.

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Grassini was born in Tuscany and trained under the master winemaker Giacomotakis. She now runs a wine laboratory that is considered a reference point for the Italian agri-food industry.

She consults with wineries throughout Italy, including San Gueto in Tuscany, Alberto Longo in Puglia, and Plata in Montalcino.

Ermenegildo Giusti, founder and CEO of Giusti, says: I chose Grassini because she combines feminine elegance, Tuscan devotion and international appeal.

Grassini"s goal is to produce fascinating and original wines that tell the story of the Asolo and Monteiro appellations.

In July this year, Giusti opened its ambitious new wine cellar a €20 million project to the public. Entrepreneur Ermenegildo hopes to attract visitors to the Asolo appellation, in addition to the Giusti collection of boutique hotels.