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May 30, 2022 View:

Grape harvesting season begins in Georgia

It is September, the time of harvest, and the season of harvesting grapes in Georgia is at its peak.

Photo courtesy of: Georgia Wine Promotion Center

Official sources from the Georgian Wine Board indicate that as of September 14, the Kakheti region has processed 40,000 tons of grapes for the 2020 harvest, including 28,000 tons of Kasteli, 8,000 tons of Sabelavi, 13,000 tons of Kakheti green grapes and other types of grapes, at a daily rate of 8,000-9,000 tons. In other words, it is already the peak of the Kahki harvest season. During this critical period, up to 40 medium and large wine companies are joining the grape processing process every day, and harvest coordinators need to constantly regulate the speed of grape delivery vehicles to the wineries.

It is predicted that this year"s grape production in Kahki will be less than 300,000 tons. A total of 235 wine companies are currently registered at the Harvest Coordination Headquarters, of which 67 wineries are already involved in the grape processing process.

In order to organize this year's harvest, the Georgian government and the Wine Board have been actively organizing and coordinating this year's harvest since the end of August.

Photo courtesy of: Georgia Wine Promotion Center

On August 25, Georgian Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Levan Davitashvili attended the launch of the 2020 harvest coordination headquarters in the city of Telavi. He said that this year"s harvest, as in previous years, is aimed at protecting the interests of winegrowers and the fruits of their hard work. With 300,000 tons of grapes expected to be harvested this year, the challenge comes with increased production. But we are well prepared for a successful 2020 harvest. The global pandemic of Neocrown pneumonia has brought new challenges to the wine industry, and in order to prevent the price of grapes from falling to a low level, the government has decided to give financial subsidies to farmers from the budget. In addition, he said that this whole year, wine companies have been actively preparing for this year's harvest season, and the government has organized activities and provided preferential credit policies to ensure that this year's harvest will be timely and smooth.

At the event, Levan Mekhuzla, director of the State Wine Agency of Georgia, also mentioned organizational and technical issues related to harvesting. He mentioned that for the 2020 harvest season, the government will subsidize 0.3 lari each for every 1 kg of Rkasiteli and 1 kg of Kahki green grapes (about RMB 1.73/kg) for those wine companies that purchase and process more than 1,000 tons of Rkasiteli or Kahki green grapes grown in the Kahki region at a purchase price of no less than 0.8 lari/kg (about RMB 1.73/kg). 0.65 RMB).

In order to ensure a smooth harvest, the State Wine Agency of Georgia also hired a number of local students from Kahki to work on harvesting operations at the wineries during the 2020 harvest season. A total of 120 students were selected after interviews at educational institutions in different cities of Kalkheki and trained by experts from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture located at the Harvest Coordination Headquarters.

This training has been carried out in Georgia since 2003. The program provides complete information and accurate data on the harvesting of grapes and contributes to the transparency of the grape shipping process, which is essential for the production of high quality wines.

In contrast to previous years, some of the young people selected this year already have similar work experience. Depending on their location, these students will be assigned to different wineries, and they will be paid up to 900 lari (about 1,943 RMB) per month.