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May 30, 2022 View:

German winery Hankay's sparkling wine range receives vegetarian certification

Hankay Winery Germany has announced to the public that its portfolio has been certified as vegetarian and that there is a packaging update for its Piccolo range.

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Brand owner Hankay Winery says they have applied for vegan certification to recognize the increasingly popular vegan products.

European certification provides a registration mark for vegetarian and vegan products, which is internationally recognized and helps increase brand transparency.

Jan Rock, Head of Corporate Communications at Hankay Winery, says: "Hankay Winery's sparkling wines are already vegan, but thanks to the vegan certification, consumers will be able to identify them more easily.

Château Hankay's quarter Piccolo range has also received a packaging update. This so-called piccolo bottle, which holds 200 ml of wine, was invented in 1935 for the Château Hankay brand.

The updated packaging now highlights the Piccolo label. Hankay Estate Piccolo Trocken and White in White Champagnes have already been released with the new design, while Hankay Estate Piccolo Ros and Piccolo de-alcoholised will be launched soon.