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May 30, 2022 View:

German Wine Institute to host online wine event in Japan

The German Wine Institute recently created an immersive online wine campaign in Japan that allows consumers to learn about German wines as if they were in a video game.

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In this age of social alienation, online wine tastings and trade shows have become the new normal to which we are adapting. While we are becoming more accustomed to video teleconferencing, in Japan, the office of the German Wine Institute recently went a step further and created a virtual wine world where consumers can explore more about German wines.

This October, the office will host a month-long wine promotion event at Marunouchi House in Tokyo. As part of the event, the agency has virtually recreated the event space and a German vineyard on a free smartphone app called Cluster.

Once inside this portal, participants can explore their surroundings by controlling avatars, just like playing a video game, in order to learn more about German wines.

The opening ceremony of this event was held on October 3 online. Masataka Takida, head sommelier of the Palace Hotel Tokyo Grand Kitchen, and German-Japanese model Naomi Trauden, who hosted the event, shared their knowledge and tips on German wine pairing with the attendees.

The virtual event also included an interactive scavenger hunt quiz session where participants were invited to find bottles of wine in the space and answer questions to win the game.