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May 30, 2022 View:

Georgian wines win multiple awards at 2020 International Rosé Competition

The International Rose Championship 2020 was recently held in Poland, with 220 wines from 28 countries taking part. The competition was judged by Master of Wine Elizabeth Gabay and 12 talented experts from 7 different countries.

Photo courtesy of: Georgia Wine Promotion Center

Georgian wines won several gold and silver medals at the competition.

Gold medal winners: Zurab Topuridze Chkhaveri (Guria) 2018 from Iberieli winery and Dzelshavi 2017 from Dimna winery in Imereti region.

Zurab Topuridze Chkhaveri 2018 also received a special award for the best wine.

Silver medals were awarded to: Tskriala Rosé (Kahki) 2019 from Travi Winery, Sabelavi Rosé (Kahki) 2019 and Kidev Erti Pet Nati (Kartli) 2016 from Lapati Winery.