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May 30, 2022 View:

Georgia's Lacha region sees bumper grape harvest

The Racha region has now processed up to 2,000 tons of Alexandrouli and Mujuretuli grapes, according to data from the Georgian State Wine Agency on October 15.

Photo courtesy of: Georgian Wine Promotion Center

These two grapes are blended to make Khvanchkara, a semi-sweet red wine typical of the Racha region. In order to ensure the purity and quality of the raw material for Khvanchkara wines, the staff of the Harvest Coordination Center monitors the grapes delivered at all grape reception points. In addition, special stall bars are set up at the entrance to the Lacha region to prevent grapes imported from other cities from being mixed with Aleksandr Uli and Mochukhturi grapes.

Levan Mekhuzla, head of the State Wine Agency of Georgia, said that along with viticulture, the priority remains to ensure the quality of Georgian wines, and the present moment is to ensure the quality and character of Kavanchkala wines.

The grape harvest organized in the Racha region has a local character and is very different from that of the Kakheti region (Kakheti). In particular, starting one month before the grape harvesting season, checkpoints are set up at all entrances to the region to check every machine coming and going in order to prevent the transport of grapes from other regions. All these initiatives are aimed at ensuring the uniqueness and high quality of Kavanchkala wines. In Racha, the grapes are transported in crates, and the staff checks every wooden crate to avoid confusing the grape varieties, says Levon Mecuzla.

This year, an unprecedented number of grapes were harvested in La Cha, with up to 2,500 tons of Alejandro Uli and Mochuchturi grapes expected to be harvested.

At present, a harvest coordination center and 20 different grape transport reception points have been opened in Ambrolauri, Racha in order to guarantee the smooth harvest and transport of grapes in the Racha-Lechkhumi region.