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May 30, 2022 View:

French district court allows a French wine brand to continue using the Petrus name

Following a court case brought by Chteau Petrus in Pomerol to protect its right to the name 'Petrus', the French district court has officially rejected the claim and allowed another French wine brand, Petrus Lambertini, to continue using the name Petrus on its labels.

Image courtesy of: dbHK

According to the Daily Telegraph, for the past seven years, Chateau Petrus has been fighting in court for the exclusive rights to the name "Petrus' in order to maintain its quality status and prevent others from damaging its reputation.

The case is dedicated to the French wine brand Petrus Lambertini, a blend that retails for less than £10.

The controversy began in 2011, when Petrus Lambertini first launched Petrus Lambertini Major Burdegalensis 1208, which was awarded a trademark. It is a tribute to the first mayor of Bordeaux, who refused to hand over the keys to the city to the siege forces of the Spanish King of Castile in 1208.

Its wine label reads 'Petrus Lambertini' in large letters with N2 at the bottom, which would lead consumers to believe that it is a Petrus sub-label, so Bertridge believes this is misleading because Bertridge does not have a sub-label.

Initially, the court sided with Chateau Bertrand, agreeing that consumers could be confused between the two wines, and fined CGM, the producer of Petrus Lambertini, and ordered it to stop selling the wine under that name.

However, CGM appealed in another court, which not only accepted that the two labels were completely different and rejected Bertrand's claim that its use of the name was misleading, but praised CGM's clever use of their registered trademark to attract the attention of customers.

The new ruling allows CGM to resume sales of its Petrus Lambertini brand.

It is expected that Chateau Bertrand will launch a counter-appeal to the higher court, the Court of Cassation, to assess the legality of the decision taken by the Court of Appeal.