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May 30, 2022 View:

French cognac association inscribes cognac-making technique as intangible cultural heritage

According to French media reports, the French Ministry of Culture has recently inscribed the Cognac making technique on the Intangible Cultural Heritage . The next goal of the Cognac Association of France is to have this technique inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in urgent need of protection, which would be an important step in gaining global recognition for French Cognac.

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Will the Cognac-making process become part of the World Heritage Site?

The French Cognac Association has recently announced that it will apply to UNESCO for the inscription of this technique on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

"This is an international heritage that deserves recognition. When the President of the Republic came to Janak, he told me he was willing to accept this candidacy," said Charente's governor, Jrme Sourisseau.

Specifically, this archive brings together the various professions and skills surrounding Cognac: distillers, distillers, boiler makers, cellar owners, as well as bottle makers and even label makers.

Jean-Bernard de Larquier, co-chair of the Association of Cognac Experts, said: "We need to protect a lot of know-how, especially this technology that is currently limited to oral transmission.

Receive support from all parties, wait 1 to 3 years for complete file to be developed

To date, France has submitted a document to UNESCO on the protection of expertise and is inching closer to its goal. Jean-Bernard Delacour is delighted: this will be a major step towards the global recognition of Cognac brandy.

He is optimistic about being successfully credited: the association has brought together the entire industry and the region, i.e. all the countries of the two Charente provinces, to implement the project. We have more than 1,000 contributors involved, which has impressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

And there is another strong support in the application process: Nouvelle Aquitaine. (The region of Nouvelle Aquitaine, located in southwestern France, is home to many famous wine-producing regions, such as Bordeaux and Cognac.) The president of the association, Alain Rousset, praised the work done by the association under the auspices of the region during a trip to the Cognac region to discuss climate issues:I support you because you deserve this.

Members of the Cognac Expert Panel are working to create a complete dossier on Cognac, a vast cultural system that France will defend in front of UNESCO. It is thought that this complete dossier will take until 2022 or 2024 to be officially formed.