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May 30, 2022 View:

France's Firma organic red wine in Sam's Club

After a heavy selection process, Sam's Club finally welcomes a high quality organic wine that meets their stringent requirements, the Monceau Organic Red from Firma, France. TOP from the Bordeaux region, excellent value for money, 100% organic, safe and secure to drink.

Image from: People"s Information

As a high-end membership store under Walmart, Sam's Club is a popular destination for middle and high-end consumers and has opened 29 stores in China and more than 800 stores worldwide. Sam's Clubs have professional staff to search for high quality products such as green and organic certified and specialty imported brands from all over the world, and have very strict control over the products in the stores, with a very high threshold.

This time Sam's Club cooperated with France Fei Ma because of its brand reputation and product quality.