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May 30, 2022 View:

France's Bury Champagne launches white in black

A new addition to its Apanage range, Bury Champagne France has added a fresh, sophisticated and ethereal white in black champagne, a blend of Pinot Noir and Meunier.

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To showcase the intensity and elegance of Pinot Noir and the richness of Meunier, the White in Black Champagne from the Apanage collection is pale gold and amber in reflection and very nicely fizzy.

According to the description of Bury Champagne, its nose reveals subtle floral notes of acacia and peony, surrounded by sweet mirabelle, crushed strawberry and egg flower sensations.

It also shows nuances of vanilla and soft spices. Floral notes of champagne are reflected on the palate along with notes of acacia honey, pear, red orange, red fruits and spices.

Julien Lonneux, CEO of Champagne de Berry, said: Compared to the structure of the white in white champagne, the white in black champagne is fresh, refined and ethereal, perfectly complementing the entire Apanage range of Champagne de Berry.

Lonneux recommends serving the white in black champagne from the Bury Champagne Apanage collection as an aperitif or with tapas, grilled chicken, Japanese tempura or white truffle risotto.