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May 30, 2022 View:

Five medals in the Grand Prix de Bruxelles for the Penglai region

In September of golden autumn, the fragrance of Portuguese wine is in the air. At the International Wine Grand Prix in Brussels, Belgium, known as the Oscar of the wine world, Penglai won a bumper harvest, winning five medals of the Brussels Grand Prix. Among them, there were 2 Grand Gold Medals, 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal, and the number of Grand Gold Medals occupied one third of the total number of the awards in China.

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Wonderland wine is not only fragrant abroad, the 2020 Penglai International Wine Festival also kicked off, and the Penglai production area also ushered in a bumper harvest. Cooperation agreement with Shandong Land Rural Revitalization Group, a subsidiary of Shandong Land Development Group, was signed, and the rural revitalization project of Penglai Qiu Valley landed and blossomed. Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Jiaodong) Wine Research Institute was officially inaugurated, opening a new journey for the development of efficient agriculture in Penglai. China Wine Industry Association awarded the title of China Wine Industry Integration Development Demonstration Zone to Penglai appellation, the national name card once again fell on the fairyland, becoming the first appellation in China to win this award. Members of the Wine Technology Committee, domestic well-known experts and other industry think-tanks discussed in Penglai, and made suggestions for the development of the appellation

The golden autumn of fairyland, harvest time. 2020 Penglai winery picking season has officially opened, nearly 20 wineries in the appellation with special style around the theme of my winery life, launch grape picking, wine tasting, wine chateau vacation, wine homebrew, weekend party and other five sections of the golden autumn special winery tour products, to provide tourists with special wine culture experience. This year, the climate is overall more suitable, with good precipitation, temperature and obvious temperature difference between day and night, the grape quality is good! Yang Chunqing, chief winemaker of Taisheng Town, introduced. The Golden Autumn Festival is happy with the harvest, and the 2020 Penglai Farmers" Harvest Festival is about to start. The harvest bazaar, hearty song and dance parties, agricultural customs experience, lectures on agricultural science, and special long table banquets are colorful activities to show the joy of harvest.

The small grape harvest strings together the development of a large industry, and the coastal region makes the flavor of Penglai. Penglai's soil, light and temperature are ideal for grape growth, and is recognized as a region capable of producing high-quality wine grapes and wine, and is known as one of the seven major grape coasts in the world. As a famous wine city in China, in recent years, Penglai has built and planned the industrial pattern of one belt and three valleys based on the advantage of superior location and resources, with high-quality production areas, characteristic grapes, boutique wineries and standards leading as the main direction, and devoted to building the brand and characteristic flavor of Penglai wine coastal region, Penglai grapes and Penglai coastal wine have been awarded the national geographical indication certification trademark, and one belt and three valleys have been awarded the China wine small production area Certification. With the introduction of famous enterprises at home and abroad, such as COFCO Great Wall, Lafite France and Hong Kong Lixiong Group, Penglai has become one of the regions with the highest concentration of grape and wine industry in China. At present, Penglai has 33 boutique wineries including Lafite Londres, nearly 60 wine production enterprises, 80,000 mu of high-quality standardized wine grape base, comprehensive income of the industry reached 4.5 billion yuan, and the number of wine cultural tourism trips exceeded 2 million.

Open the window of Chinese and foreign wine exchange and get out of the international model of Portuguese wine. Penglai strives to enhance the international influence of the appellation, actively promotes the exchange and cooperation with world-renowned appellations, enterprises and authoritative institutions, and builds a platform for foreign exchange in the wine industry. The Seven World Grape Coast Symposium was held for three consecutive times, and the VINALIES Tasting Competition was held in Penglai for several times. Penglai has established friendly relations with the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), and established cooperation relations with Sonoma, California, the birthplace of the American wine industry, and Bordeaux-Medoc and Saumur, the French wine regions, to promote the process of connecting the Penglai appellation with international standards. This year, the public number of the world's seven grape coasts was launched, dedicated to creating an authoritative platform for the world's coastal regions to announce important information. A number of wine culture activities such as International Wine Festival and International Wine Grand Prix were held to broaden the road of foreign exchange and push the purple business card to the world.