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May 30, 2022 View:

First South African old vine wines to receive CHV certification mark to be released worldwide

Members of the Old Vine Project (OVP) in South Africa have been approved to carry the CHV (Certified Heritage Vineyards) label on their bottles of Old Vine wines (wines made from grapes produced from vines 35 years old or older).

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The first batch of certified South African old vine wines will be available on retail shelves around the world, and on 20 April 2018, they were presented alongside dozens of other wines at the Cape Heritage Old Vine Cultural Festival in Stellenbosch, where the CHV certification was officially presented by the OVP organization to the major wine merchants and media.

The organization says that OVP is committed to protecting vines over 35 years old in the Cape region of South Africa and the launch of CHV certification is a key step in the organization"s evolution. The certification will also be a great incentive for winegrowers to see the benefits of old vine vines and to carefully protect and retain suitable plots for high quality, high yielding old vines, rather than eradicating all vines every few decades for high yields.

As vineyard consultant Rosa Kruger says: One of the strategies of the OVP organization is to give winegrowers, winemakers, and wine drinkers alike a taste of the wonderful flavors and charms that wine brings as the vines age.

She continued: South Africa has recently produced some extraordinary wines made from old vine grapes of some noble varieties. But the low yields of these grapes have prevented growers from reaping the benefits. The addition of the Old Vine label on the bottle seal is a guarantee to consumers that the wine has passed the OVP standards for cultivation and winemaking.

In addition, the renewed focus on the quality of South African old vine wines will also help to increase the price of South African grape fruit. The wines, certified for the first time by CHV, and the vineyards in which they were grown, have been recognized by local and international markets. Rosa Kruger added.

Since its official inception in 2016, the OVP organization has organized several tasting events of South African old vine wines at home and abroad, with more projects currently in the pipeline.