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May 30, 2022 View:

First Bordeaux Wine School online masterclass successfully held

From November 16 to December 7, Bordeaux Wine School launched its first online master class, bringing together industry experts and owners of Bordeaux wineries to launch an in-depth analysis of the current online e-commerce channel and talk about first-hand experience in the transformation of traditional superstores and catering channels, bringing the ultimate experience of the business school model without leaving home for wine insiders and wine lovers.

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With the advent of the panoramic digital era, live online courses have become a brand new trend. As the first live-streaming attempt of Bordeaux wine school, this Bordeaux wine online master class invited more than 10 star guest lineups including wine live-streaming experts, super wine experts and owners of Bordeaux wineries, covering 5 major course topics, with content presentation and interactive forms close to the audience, attracting more than 7,300 people to watch and more than 3,000 interactions.

The big names in town | Discuss the present and future of the wine industry

The Bordeaux Wine School online master class is a dialogue between 2-3 industry experts per session, talking about the current and future of the wine industry, with the course content focusing on freshness and practicality, hitting new trends in Bordeaux wine and current wine industry pain points.

The Double Eleven has just ended, and on November 16, we invited Xu Wei (Mr. Xiao Pi) and Miss Wine Seven, a live wine expert, to analyze the portrait of wine consumers, reveal the top ten Bordeaux wine sales in Jingdong Double Eleven, and unveil the secrets of content operation and new digital games to open up new ideas of e-commerce sales for wine distributors and retailers.

With the rapid development of e-commerce channels, offline retail has been squeezed to a certain extent. On November 18, the Dialogue with Supermarkets: How should wine suppliers respond to the transformation of the retail world? In the conversation, supermarket wine expert Li Ge and CIVB-certified lecturer of Bordeaux Wine School Li Siyang shared first-hand information on supermarket wine sales, and explained the differentiation and new positioning of China"s supermarket channels from four categories: large stores, imported boutique supermarkets, 24-hour convenience stores and membership stores.

November 24 1+12: The Way to Sell Imported Wine in Chinese Restaurants Changing the stereotype that it is difficult to sell wine in Chinese restaurants, Chen Jihe, founding shareholder of Chengdu Buji Music Restaurant Bar, shares with Master Sommelier Lv Yang how to create a special wine Chinese restaurant from the first step customers take into the restaurant, to restaurant wine list design, wine by the glass and food and wine matching, to understand what unique advantages wine symbols can bring to Chinese restaurants Learn what unique advantages wine symbols can bring to Chinese restaurants.

Do you know the most popular types of wine in France today? On November 26th, we will have a live chat with Master of Wine Julien and Frederic Mallier, owner of Chateau de la Vieille Chapelle and Sauternes 1855, to discover the impact of new trends in Bordeaux wines on the Chinese market. The live chat with Luc Ponty, owner of Chateau Guiraud, will explore the new changes brought by organic certification and biodynamic methods to the unique terroir of Bordeaux, and gain insight into the world's hottest wine types and the technical farming achievements behind them.

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Break the routine | Unlock the fancy live play

The Bordeaux online master class continued the fun and colorful offline courses. The Bordeaux Who"s Undercover officially debuted as the first wine variety show on December 7, with many industry insiders chattering about Bordeaux wine keywords.

Ms. Yang Wei, Project Director of Bordeaux Wine School Greater China, said: "We hope to deliver the knowledge of Bordeaux wine in a fun and educational way, complementing the colorful offline training by Bordeaux Wine School certified instructors, and bringing you increasingly innovative and diverse wine learning experiences.

In addition, the online master class also unlocked more fancy ways to play live, answering questions to win Bordeaux wine interspersed in the five courses, attracting viewers to actively participate in the course interaction, and constantly mobilizing people's exploration and enthusiasm for Bordeaux wine; remote connection to winery owners to create a sense of remote visits to Bordeaux wineries, while two owners also introduced the wine-related tourism, accommodation and catering services provided by their respective wineries. The remote link to the owners of the wineries created a sense of remote visits to Bordeaux wineries, while the two owners also introduced the wine related tourism, accommodation and catering services provided by their respective wineries, reflecting the booming development of wine tourism in Bordeaux.

After the success of this Bordeaux online master class, Bordeaux Wine School will continue to experiment with new and pioneering teaching formats to share practical skills to enhance workplace competitiveness and deep insights into future industry trends for Chinese professionals, and to maximize the art of living and expertise of Bordeaux wine to reach Chinese consumers and professionals.