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May 30, 2022 View:

European sustainable wine promotion campaign starts

The European Sustainable Wine Promotion was born from the joint efforts of the Italian Association of Wine Regions of Abruzzo and the Association of Wine Regions of Asti Barbera and Monferrato and the Regulatory Commission of the Appellation of La Mancha in Spain. The project, which started in 2020, will last for three years and will be promoted mainly in Mainland China and in the markets of Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam.

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EU-funded outreach activities

This ambitious project is funded by several programs of CHAFEA (Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency) and is subject to Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2014 on information and promotion activities concerning agricultural products in the country and in third countries

The main objectives to be achieved are.

Increase awareness of wines bearing the European Protected Designation of Appellation (PDO) label among target markets.

Promote and emphasize sustainable European wines in these markets.

Protected Appellation Areas

The Protected Designation of Appellation (PDO) is based on the identification and certification of the product itself as having distinctive qualities. The uniqueness and quality of the product is due to the origin of the raw materials and the geographical environment in which the product is produced, as well as to the human factors involved.

The following are all participating institutions.

Abruzzo Wine Region Association.

Appellation Abruzzo Montepulciano

Abruzzo Trebbiano AOC

Abruzzo Cerasolo AOC

Abruzzo AOC

Appellation Veramania

Association of Asti Barbera and Monferrato Wine Regions.

Albuñano legal production

Barbera Asti Guaranteed Appellation

Monferrato Curtis AOC

Asti. Dolcetto Appellation

Asti. Fraser Appellation

Asti. Appellation Grignolino

AOC Loazolo

Boska B. Kasdinovo Malvasi Appellation

Monferrato Appellation

Niza Guaranteed Appellation

Piedmont Appellation

Castaño B. Monferrato Luce Guaranteed Appellation

Land of Afyeri Guaranteed Appellation

Regulatory Commission of the Appellation d"Origine de La Mancha.

AOC La Mancha