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May 30, 2022 View:

European Wine Capital Celebration to be held next year

The city of Aranda de Duero (capital of Duero) won the honor of European Wine Capital in 2019, for which the municipality planned a series of events to be held this year, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus, all events had to be cancelled. Recently, the city council decided to postpone all the events until 2021 and to comply to the maximum extent with the health and safety guidelines issued by the health authorities.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

The Commissioner for Tourism of Aranda City Council said that they are considering the continuation of all the events previously prepared for the European Wine Capital 2020, but in the meantime they are working on a new plan. They will keep all the events proposed before the coronavirus outbreak, but some large-scale events will have to be done with certain restrictions or in a different way.

Olga Maderuelo, the city council"s commissioner for tourism, insisted: Ideally, the activities could be carried out as previously planned, and we could even add more activities on top of that. The epidemic has made us revisit our previous plans and has inspired more good ideas. Our goal has not changed, it is simply to let the world know that Aranda is an open and safe wine capital.