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May 30, 2022 View:

European Intellectual Property Office rejects CHAMPAWS trademark registration due to association with Champagne appellation of origin

In October 2019, the Champagne Commission was informed that a company had made CHAMPAWS a trademark for pet drinks and food and applied for registration in the EU.

Image courtesy of: ComiteChampagne

After the Champagne Commission filed an opposition to the application with the INAO (French National Appellation of Origin), the European Intellectual Property Office refused the registration on the grounds that the mark was associated with Champagne AOC (Champagne Appellation of Origin).

In a decision handed down in December 2020, the European Intellectual Property Office confirmed that the marketing strategy of the above-mentioned trademark was based on the reputation of Champagne; it also considered that the applicant had taken advantage of Champagne"s premium, luxury brand image, which it had built up over time due to the excellent quality of its products, to promote its products.

This decision not only strengthens the protection of well-known names of origin to prevent any form of abuse, especially for non-identical goods have a more significant positive effect.