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May 30, 2022 View:

Etna Wine Appellation Association proposes wine production reduction program

The Etna DOC association will hold a general meeting of its members on July 9 to vote on the proposed reduction of wine production in the appellation this year.

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Antonio Benanti, president of the association, said that this is the first plenary meeting of the members since this year"s New Champions epidemic blockade. The meeting will discuss whether to reduce the production of red grapes in the appellation from 9 to 7 tons per hectare and will also vote on whether to stop adding new vineyards.

With the popularity of Etna DOC wines on the international market, the vineyard area in the appellation has grown from 680 hectares in 2013 to 1,062 hectares in 2019, almost doubling the appellation's vineyard area in six years. In order to balance the supply and demand of the appellation's wines and to guarantee their quality, the appellation's management board has proposed not to add new vineyards for three years starting in 2021.