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May 30, 2022 View:

Emina Winery and Women Wines release a declaration reaffirming women's rights

The world of wine is often thought of as a traditionally masculine field, but this notion has proven to be outdated. Today we can see very many excellent female winemakers in the wine industry, and there are also more women in wine tourism, cultural promotion and administration.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

Women"s rights were further reaffirmed in the first declaration issued by Emina Winery and the Women Wines organization on June 23rd, which is not only a call for equal rights and treatment for men and women in the labor market, but also for equal rights and respect for women in leisure life and in celebrations.

Emina Winery and the Women Wines organization have been committed to being the voice of women's projects to discover their passions and dreams, and they empower women to be truly empowered, not just satisfied with their complaints. The launch of this manifesto means that the desires of women around the world will be amplified. Women are currently facing two major challenges: loving themselves more and loving each other more. For Emina Winery, they see this as part of their philosophy of gender equality and their commitment to wine and the feminist movement.