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May 30, 2022 View:

Delta Air Lines Again Launches Wine and Beer Service on Flights

After a number of airlines, including Virgin Atlantic and British low-cost carrier EasyJet, announced they were suspending their in-flight alcohol offerings, Delta Air Lines has said it will reintroduce wine and beer on certain flights.

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The company said that starting July 2, all domestic first class and Delta comfort+ passengers on flights over 500 miles will be able to enjoy free beer and wine service.

Delta Air Lines eliminated its alcohol offerings on all domestic flights on March 25 in an effort to reduce physical contact on board. With the reintroduction of wine and beer service, the airline will offer single bottles of red and white wine, as well as Heineken, Miller Lite, Swiftwater 420 and Swiftwater IPA.

Delta Air Lines has listened to its customers, said Allison Ausband, Delta"s senior vice president for in-flight services.

We know that beer and wine are the most desired adult beverages for our customers," she said. These choices are the first step toward normalizing our beverage offerings, while we continue to put the safety of our customers and crew at the forefront of everything we do.

Bottles and cans will be placed on trays to minimize contact points on the aircraft. Delta Air Lines continues to offer complimentary beer, wine and cocktails to all cabins on long-haul international flights.

The decision to reintroduce alcoholic beverages has been planned for more than a month, said Olivia Mays, a spokeswoman for Delta Air Lines.

We're always working to find the best way to serve, you're not mixing drinks or putting lime in gin, she says. We think that's a good first step.