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May 30, 2022 View:

Counterfeit wine cases in India have led to 98 deaths

On Aug. 2, Indian government authorities in Punjab said the death toll in a fake alcohol case in the state rose to 98.

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Police said the death toll is likely to rise in the coming days. It is reported that the first death in this fake alcohol incident occurred on July 29, but it was not reported to police until July 31, and some of the unidentified liquids seized over the weekend were denatured alcohol containing ethanol, commonly used in the paint and coatings and hardware industries.

Prime Minister Singh announced that seven police officers, including police officers, were suspended during an investigation into the incident. Singh described the incident as shameful and noted that severe sanctions would be imposed on those who endangered public health. Twenty-five suspects have been arrested in connection with more than 100 arrests made across the province to shut down illegal liquor production centers.