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May 30, 2022 View:

Counterfeit wine case in Italy: winery makes 30,000 liters

Recently, the findings of a counterfeit wine case in Italy came to light, with a winery creating 30,000 liters of fake wine through chemical means.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

According to local media in Puglia, Italy, June 30, the investigation code-named Ghost Wine (Ghost Wine) recently concluded, in the findings of which 61 suspects were charged with conspiracy, commercial fraud, and counterfeiting, and 11 people were eventually arrested by police.

According to the police announcement, the winery named Megale Hellas in Puglia, Italy, used an illegal winemaking process to process the low-cost production of wine through acetate and some other substances to raise the alcohol content to 14%-14.5%vol, thus imitating the Primitivo air-dried wine, which is unique to the Puglia region, for sale.

Pumitivo is a grape variety that can be made into an air-dried wine, and Puglia is the most classic region for Pumitivo.

Alexander Hofer, co-founder of the Institute of Wine Studies at the University of Language and Communication in Milan, told WBO that the local cost of Pumitivo"s wine-dried wine is about 2 euros per liter, while the counterfeit wine produced by the counterfeiting group costs about 1 euro per liter.

The counterfeiting group has made 30,000 liters of fake wine and has sold it to 12 distilleries. It is reported that these distilleries, if they do not know, will only accept a fine, if they know the fake sell fake, they will probably be subject to criminal penalties.

It is noteworthy that this investigation led to the dissolution of three derelict trade associations as a result of their acquiescence in this type of counterfeiting.