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May 30, 2022 View:

Controversy over inappropriate comments by leading wine critic

A recent message sent to Canterbury, New Zealand winemaker Jess Mavromatis by renowned wine critic Jim Harre has sparked quite a bit of controversy.

Photo courtesy of: Le Wine Guest

The message was rather badly worded, saying that Jesse"s wine was disgusting and the worst pinot noir I've tried in years, and adding fuel to the fire by urging her to find a new hobby instead of making wine (give up, find a new hobby). hobby).

Upon receiving the arrogantly worded email, winemaker Jessie expressed considerable shock, and after double-checking that it wasn't a joke, she didn't hesitate to reply in return: As an international wine judge living in Waipara, you should be ashamed of your comments. Take up a new hobby, Jim!

I'm open to any constructive criticism, but there's nothing in this email except personal attacks. Jesse said.

It is understood that Jim Harley ordered a bottle of Ekleipsis, a natural wine from winemaker Jesse, when he dined at a restaurant called Moiety.

Upon receiving Jim's complaint, Sam Gasson, Moiety's manager on duty, immediately switched him to another wine, which is standard restaurant procedure for handling complaints. However, that didn't seem to calm the well-known wine critic, who continued to chatter agitatedly and keep telling others that he was a taster of the world's wines.

Sam expressed helplessly his anger at Jim's attitude of being conceited because it carried some kind of privilege.

I also dine at different restaurants all the time, but that doesn't mean I can tell people what to do. Sam says.

Ekleipsis differs from Pinot Noir in the traditional sense in that it is made from organic grapes grown in North Canterbury vineyards without putting in any unnecessary additives. While this naturalist wine may not be for everyone, Sam still thinks it's delicious, which is why he keeps it on the shelves.

After learning of the incident, Wine Searcher columnist Oliver Styles also expressed his opinion that Jim's actions were unfair and inappropriate as an industry leader, and also used his best sarcastic writing style to tease him: I wish Jim the best of luck in writing a tasting notebook full of scathing comments.

Out of curiosity, I also went to Wine Searcher to search for information on this wine, but unfortunately, probably because it is really niche, can not see more ratings.

So which side do you support in this matter?