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May 30, 2022 View:

Colombia successfully combats a large counterfeit wine production and sales ring

After nearly a year of follow-up investigations, Colombia's Attorney General Francisco Barbosa Delgado recently directed a successful crackdown on a large counterfeit alcohol production and distribution ring.

Image from: South American Diaspora News Network

The gang is located in more than 10 areas of Bogota and specializes in the production and sale of counterfeit alcohol. According to statistics, thousands of people have been victimized by the counterfeit alcohol produced by the group.

Colombian newspaper El Nuevo Siglo reported that the crackdown resulted in the seizure of 60 tons of material, including nearly 300,000 recycled liquor bottles, printed labels, caps, boxes, alcohol, a range of illegal additives, and wine, champagne, whiskey, rum, vodka and brandy without any package description. A total of 14 suspects were arrested, several of whom were managers or presidents of legitimate alcohol companies.

According to the suspects, the gang recovers genuine wine bottles from Colombia and abroad at low prices, cleans them with soap, disinfectant or bleach, and then fills them with counterfeit wine. And these operations are carried out in a home workshop without any sterilization. According to the plan, the above materials into fake wine will be sold in Bogota, Cali (Cali), Medellin (Medellin) and other major cities in the Christmas event. According to experts, these alcohols adulterated with illegal additives are extremely harmful to the human body and may damage the eyesight and central nervous system after consumption, and can lead to death in serious cases.

The State Attorney General"s Office said it will continue to investigate the case in an effort to eradicate all branches of the counterfeit alcohol network.