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May 30, 2022 View:

Cocktail robot born that can make 20,000 cocktails

Before the New Crown epidemic, robots that could mix the perfect martini still seemed like novelties at trade shows that people found interesting, but that was about it. In the wake of the outbreak, bars, restaurants and engineers around the world are struggling to find a way to ease the depression brought on by the quarantine.

Image from: Wine Click

Capable of remembering thousands of recipes, able to mix gin at high speed and also eliminate the potential risk of disease transmission the robot has already proved itself.

Toni, a robot who can make 20,000 cocktails, has become a big star at Ice + Fries in Reykjavik, memorizing 20,000 drink recipes and moving so fast that there"s no need to wait.

Ice + Fries Bar, a fully biomimetic bar, is a collaboration between Icelandic Ice & Fire Beverages and Makr Shakr, a robot bartender manufacturer, as part of a project the company undertook to find answers: how to adapt to the health needs of the epidemic and and post-epidemic era.

Customers at Ice + Fries can choose from 20,000 customizable recipes, place their order on a tablet, and receive confirmation via text or email. A robotic bartender named Tony shakes, makes the cocktail and serves it in a disposable cup.

Tony's two robotic hands are sterilized after each drink, and can complete 150 cups per hour. The good thing about robots is that they never tire of them, nor do they get tired of the same story being told over and over again in the bar. The whole bar is full of science fiction, both the decorative style and the bartenders themselves, and even the pet dog in the bar is a bionic robot dog.

Tony is just one of the robot bartenders around the world. bot-maker and human CEO says: Due to the social distance, we are getting a huge demand for delivery robots, beverage delivery robots and restaurant food. Since the outbreak, demand has increased tenfold, so much so that current orders have had to be delayed by 12 weeks.

In addition to robot bartenders, there are also robot waiters who make a big splash. La Gitana Loca, a bar in Seville, Spain, and Bar Baviera in Pamplona both have robot waiters with robots that can carry nine drinks at a time. In the Netherlands, Dadawan, an Asian restaurant in Maastricht, employs three robots to help with table service and drinks. The Royal Palace, a Chinese restaurant in the small Dutch village of Renesse, is employing similar AI assistants.