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May 30, 2022 View:

Chinese team runner-up in RVF wine blind tasting world championship

On the morning of October 10, in the RVF Wine Blind Tasting World Championship held at Château Smirafel in Bordeaux, France, in the intense competition among 19 national teams, the Chinese team broke through and won the world runner-up with 132 points.

Image from: European Times

The Chinese team consisted of the winners of the Lambertco RVF Wine Blind Tasting China Championship: captains Zhang Linjia (Hangzhou, Zhejiang), Xu Wang Xiaobai and Cao Yang (Shanghai), and Liu Chunxia from Bordeaux (member of the 2016 Chinese team). The average age of the four players is 32, making them the youngest team at the World Championships. The Chinese team is led by Jia Jingru and Brice Leboucq, with Franck Chauss serving as the pre-tournament training coach for the Chinese team.

The RVF Wine Blind Tasting World Championship is organized by La Revue du vin de France (RVF), a famous French wine media. According to Mr. Philippe de Cantenac, the tournament director, although the epidemic has had a great impact on the whole world, it is hoped that wine is more than enough to make everyone share the joy. The progress of the Chinese team has shaken the world wine industry, showing that China is a rapidly growing market and will make France and the world have a more positive attitude towards the Chinese market.

Ms. Jia Jingru, the leader of the Chinese team, told reporters that, as in previous years, the Chinese team consisted of the best players selected nationwide, a selection mechanism designed to give all blind tasting enthusiasts in China the opportunity to compete on the world stage. This year, despite the obstacles caused by the epidemic, the selection process was successfully held in 26 cities across China, with 132 of the 568 contestants advancing to the final round. Although the top four players were not all able to travel due to the epidemic, the final results show that at least 30 players from China have the strength to compete in the World Championships.

According to Brice Leboucq, the Chinese team leader, it takes a combination of high level, courage to face challenges, humility, and luck to compete in the Blind World Championships. In a world championship with so many strong players, all teams will train as hard as we do, and it"s not easy to get this result. It cannot be denied that the selection and training this year has been very good and the Chinese team is getting stronger and stronger.

The Lambertco RVF Wine Blind Tasting China Championship was founded by Jia Jingru and Brice Leboucq in 2012, organized by Lambertco and RVF China, co-organized by Ningxia Lambertco Wine Culture Foundation and CAFA China is the strategic partner of the event. It is the first blind wine tasting competition in China and the only one that is currently in line with international competitions, aiming to provide talented students and wine lovers with the opportunity to communicate with the world. Due to the fair, open, high standard and international nature of the competition, the event has received support from many wine merchants, wineries, and the Ningxia Helan Mountain Eastern Foothills region, both in China and abroad.