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May 30, 2022 View:

Chinese spittoons mistaken for fruit baskets and ice wine buckets

Russia Today (RT) reported on February 21 that a traditional Chinese fruit basket was recently sold on, but netizens discovered that the so-called fruit basket shown in the product image was actually a spittoon or potty.

Image from: Globe

The seller reportedly labeled the item as a traditional Chinese fruit basket from the 1960s that can be used as a delicate tabletop decoration and can store fresh food, ice or wine, etc. The item was listed at $61.96 (about 400 yuan).

However, netizens soon discovered that the item pictured was actually a spittoon or potty. Someone left a comment on Amazon revealing the mystery

OMG! As almost every Chinese over the age of 35 knows, this is a typical portable potty, usually for small children. Since you say you"re willing to use it however you want, you're better off knowing its original purpose.

The news also circulated on domestic social media, netizens have joked

RT mentioned that the item has now been removed from Amazon's web page.