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May 30, 2022 View:

Chinese alcoholic women appear in Malaysia to make male internet users spend $4,135 on wine

The news of a beautiful woman inviting a male online friend to dinner and ordering thousands of dollars of wine for the male to pay for is actually a few tens of dollars of cheap wine has been exposed in China from time to time. The most recent is a woman who has traveled across the ocean to Malaysia to defraud local men. A bottle of wine plus a chicken cutlet, it cost a Malaysian Chinese male engineer RM2,500, about 4135 yuan.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

A Chinese-American male engineer takes the bait

According to the local Chinese media in Malaysia on June 17: During the epidemic, the Malaysian Action Party"s Wangi Social Youth League received a number of complaints, the case is a Chinese woman to hand over to the application to fish for male Internet users through cell phones, meet to a designated restaurant or bar high spending, forcing each other to pay the bill, so as to implement fraud.

It is reported that the staff to a Korean restaurant in Baisalot investigation, coincidentally met a 27-year-old Chinese engineer who was cheated. According to the victim: he met a Chinese woman through a mobile dating app, the two dined at the Korean restaurant in the evening, and at first the woman placed an order for a chicken cutlet and a bottle of wine, with a bill of more than RM600 (equivalent to RMB992).

He introduced: the woman placed a second order for another bottle of wine and surprisingly asked for RM1,900 (equivalent to RMB 3,192), the woman asked the victim to pay by transfer. After that, the woman wanted to order another bottle of wine, the victim had no money and had to leave.

Investigators revealed: the victim claimed he was in a state of confusion when he used his cell phone to transfer payment and only felt cheated afterwards because he had never seen the price of the wine. The victim has now gone to the police station to report the crime.

Specializing in taking over the transfer of restaurants, borrowing the original signage to cheat

Investigators: According to observations, the restaurant is a Korean restaurant on the surface, and the menu is all Korean meals, but inside there are many women dating men alone, and ordered Western food and wine, and not in the normal menu inside.

I spent only RM98 (about $162) with 3 people from my colleagues, but the victim and other guests who ate Western food used cell phones to transfer money. Investigators said.

Social intelligence group related personnel: we found that the restaurants involved in this type of fraud cases, in fact, have been transferred to others, do not exclude that someone borrowed the restaurant's previous sign to carry out similar fraud.

According to reports: social intelligence mission has so far received 5 or 6 similar fraud cases, the victims are young people, the restaurants and bars involved in the case in Kuala Lumpur, Pasir Ris and other places. When investigators entered the aforementioned Baisalot restaurant, there were 5 or 6 young and beautiful, stylishly dressed women were working, and there were several male waiters watching the scene.