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May 30, 2022 View:

Chilean winery Torres plans to launch first orange wine

In response to the growing global demand for organic wines, Chilean winery Torres will launch its first orange wine made from aged Muscat grapes this year.

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Eduardo Jordan, technical director of Torres, is increasingly experimenting with ancestral winemaking techniques to recreate the kind of wines that were historically made and drunk in Chile.

Today, we are seeing more and more Chilean wines classified as natural, some of which are made using two-ear, thin-necked tanks, concrete vats and low-intervention methods in an effort to convey a sense of place.

Jordan says:Chilean winemakers are producing orange wines from different grape varieties, some of which have been grown in this country since the early days.

The orange grapes of Château Torres de Chile are made from old Muscat de Alexandria grapes grown on the coast of the Itata Valley. This sulfite-free wine stays on the skins for 7 months and is then aged in a concrete egg for 7 months.

We are very pleased with the result and believe it respects and expresses its style of origin, said Jordan, who sees the revival of forgotten grape varieties like Muscat and Semillon in Chile as a trend to be celebrated.

Long a promoter of the Pais grape variety, Chilean winery Torres has recently released an old vine Pais from Bio Bio called Millapoa.

The vines are more than 150 years old, growing in the granite soil along the Bio Bio River and in the volcanic sands surrounded by natural forest, an extraordinary enclave, Jordan said.